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GfiDoc®, Document Management and Workflow solution

All about knowledge management in a single solution

Supports the entire information, process and document lifecycle

A complete and integrated capture, logging and management of the entire information lifecycle of an organization

Ensures a high level of interoperability and parameterization

It has its own workflow module, with a robust integration layer, capable of adding documentary evidence from other business applications (BPM, email management, productivity, among others)


Offers simple and intuitive navigation, adapted to different mobile devices

High functional richness, simplicity and ergonomics of use or administration. A highly customizable solution, both at the brand level and from the point of view of the final user

Aligned with the main document management standards

Fully aligned with the European norm MoReq® (Model Requirements for the Management of Electronic Records), and the “Electronic Administration and Semantic Interoperability” program, incorporating MEF (Functional Macro- structure) and MIP (Meta information for Interoperability) for semantic interoperability in Public Administration



Know more

Interoperability and Workflow

Open and flexible architecture


Security & Scaling

Completely customizable

Lifecycle Management

An end-to-end documents lifecycle management

Effectiveness & Faster Processing

Fully aligned with international standards


Interface & Usability

Simple and intuitive to use

Mobility & Innovation

Mobile responsive