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Interoperability, Flexibility, Efficiency and Innovation
Document Management Features

Interoperability & Workflow

  • Open and flexible architecture, adaptable to all technological environments
  • Own workflow module, with a comprehensive integration layer
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Integration layer
  • Seamless integration with different business applications such as Business Process Management (BPM) solutions, productivity tools (Microsoft or OpenSource), email, among others
  • Integration of documentary evidences from other business applications
  • Different export types
Own workflow module
  • Implementation of structured or ad-hoc workflows, incorporating the organization’s business rules
  • Dynamic Forms

Security & Scaling

  • Fully configurable at a global and individual perspective (by user)
  • Complete document classification with different confidential levels
Funcionalidades Gestão Documental - GfiDoc - Segurança
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Records, Profiles and Users Management
  • Automation of document retention and elimination processes, according to the data classification policy
  • Confidentiality pattern and access control
  • Digital Signature
  • Solution can be implemented on Cloud adjusting to the business needs and ensuring a security, flexibility and efficiency
Multi-Database & Multilanguage
  • Allows the simultaneous access by several external companies (multi-tenant)
  • Multilanguage solution
Funcionalidades Gestão Documental - GfiDoc - Gestão Completa

Document Lifecycle Management

  • Capture, storage and management of electronic documents and workflow.
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Scanning and Automatic Document Indexing
  • Scan and convert documents or images into text, searchable and editable
  • Automatic user identification and quick document indexing with processes aggregation
Reporting & KPIs
  • Real-time indicators on the status of processes and on-going tasks
  • Possibility of understanding the duration of a given task and who is responsible
  • Alert management to control deadlines

Effectiveness & Faster Processing

  • Wide range of features
  • Fully in line with international standards of electronic document management systems
Funcionalidades Gestão Documental - GfiDoc - Eficácia e Celeridade

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Edit, manage and search of documents and processes
  • Edit, manage and search of documents and processes
  • Create, view, edit and forward documents and processes
  • Auditing
  • Strong search engine
  • Record personal lists, speeding up future searches
Fully aligned with international standards of document management
  • Total alignment with the MoReq® standard (Model Requirements for the Management of Electronic Records), a European reference that defines the core functionality required of a records system whether it is deployed into a public body, private organization, or even the third sector
  • Aligned with the “Electronic Administration and Semantic Interoperability” Program, incorporating Functional Macroestructure (MEF) and Meta information for Interoperability (MIP), fundamental foundations for semantic interoperability in Public Administration
Funcionalidades Gestão Documental - GfiDoc - Usabilidade

Interface & Usability

  • Simple and intuitive experience – use and administration

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Scanning and image processing
  • Scan and convert documents or images into text, searchable and editable
  • User identification and index automatically documents and processes
User Interface & Customization
  • Homepage customization, with ‘pending tasks’, ‘news’,’ management indicators’, among others
  • Each user can customize menus, lists, forms, etc.
  • Management of metadata and the presentation model of the documents
  • Ability to preview documents without having to open them
  • Convert folders into pdf

Mobility & Innovation

  • Mobile responsive
  • Fully aligned with new digital trends
Funcionalidades Gestão Documental - GfiDoc - Mobilidade

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Available anytime, anywhere
  • Web-responsive and multi-browser solution, fully adapted to all devices (desktop, smartphone or tablet)
Aligned with the new digital trends
  • Includes two key concepts of ‘Digital by Rule’ and ‘Once Once’
  • Access credentials


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Fully interoperable with other business applications


Flexible and suited for any type of organizations

Document Lifecycle Management

Efficiency and security


Simple, intuitive and dynamic

Available anytime, anywhere